Our Staff

Paola Ligabue

International Relations and Marketing

Paola Ligabue has always loved travelling (her bag is always packed and ready in the car) and having contact with people from all over the world..
She began her trips abroad when she was 12 and has never stopped since.
Her role model was her mother, who began working at the age of 11. This led her to confront questions of gender and opportunities for women.
Passionate about foreign languages, she has a good knowledge of English, French and German as well as a basic grounding in Spanish.
In 37 years of professional work, she has developed a network of acquaintances and contacts that enables her to operate in an effective way on export and internationalisation themes in the widest sense.
Curious and interested in all sorts of topics, she’s keen to help businesses sell their products throughout the world.
She’s nurtured a special interest for the United States since she was a teenager and she’s been working with Studio Grosser in New York since she was 28, providing support to the US agent and for the registration and renewal of food products with the FDA, as well as advice on labelling.

Lorenzo Zanlari

Trade Relations Italy/Abroad

Lorenzo Zanlari graduated in Scotland at Dundee University in International Business and Management. This choice of studies was based on a deep conviction that international trade has historically been the basis for economic development.
He decided to join Between because he believes in the potential of his local territory.
Commitment and determination are his most notable characteristics.

Luca Galimberti

Financial Analyst and Corporate Contracts Expert

Luca Galimberti graduated in Economics specialising in Business Administration and Management at the University of Parma. He then obtained the 16th Second-level Master in “Tax Law” at the Business School of Il Sole 24 Ore.
He decided to join Between because he firmly believes in the great potential in foreign markets for the know-how and quality of Italian companies.
His knowledge of law and his ability to structure operations and contracts aimed at internationalisation are the skills he’s able to offer companies that turn to Between for refining and/or consolidating their approach and presence on foreign markets.

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